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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Little Primer and Some Paint...

So, Dave and I spent an entire weekend priming and painting this beast.  Probably an overly ambitious job for newbies.  We had almost no idea what we were doing.  I followed all the directions on the paint, gun etc... The weather was pretty nice 65 and sunny with only the occasional gust of wind.  All should have gone well.  In the end after HOURS of back breaking work it is all one color but the finish is rough.  :(  I was really disappointed with the roughness of the finish almost sandpaperish.  By the time we finally finished it was dark and we were freaking tired, absolutely exhausted!  Dave stopped by during the week after work to get a look at her in the daylight and assured me it wasn't as bad as I thought.  It took me a full week to get back over to the farm to check it out.  It looks less rough now and the sheen is almost pearl but not shiny. I have done some more research and believe the paint job suffers from "dry spray".  Apparently the paint  was drying too fast as it was being sprayed.  This is also evident by the amount of paint dust that is completely covering the RV.  The area that we wiped down looks even better without the dust on it.  I think the verdict is I am going to try to wet sand it with a very high grit paper and buff it.  Hoping this will fix it up.  I really don't want to paint anything else except for the stripe in the Spring.  The all white is way too white right now she definitely needs a spot of bright color.  We didn't take many pictures due to the hazmat suits we were wearing and we were working non-stop all weekend.  I did take a video when I visited this Saturday.  The wind was ripping across the field so the sound is terrible.  The gusts were so strong the wind took the big barn doors when Dave was closing them and smashed his wrist.  I can't believe it wasn't broken! 

Primed and ready!

I charged the battery and got some pics of her all primed with the Slick Sand.  Although I did like the product it took forever to sand the entire thing again.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prep and Sanding

Dave and I have spent the last 2 weekends prepping Rosie for paint.  Anyone who has done this realizes what a labor intensive project this is.  I have personally sanded 27 feet of RV 3 times.  While I was killing myself sanding Dave took off everything that would come off and carefully masked and taped everything else.  He is an excellent mask and taper by the way.  I realize that I could have, probably should have sanded more but that last go around with 320 was all my sanity could handle.  I did my best to make the poor fiberglass repairs less noticeable and am sure someone with OCD and more experience could have done a better job.  The roof is what it is, it doesn't leak and you can't see it from the ground anyway.  That said we were able to get the  Evercoat Slick Sand sprayed on yesterday.  It took a bit to get the spray right and we reduced it by about 10% with acetone to get it to flow out of the 1.8mm tip.  Once we got going it went pretty smoothly.  At one point the wind picked up but not for long so we were good.  This stuff is thick and dries fast so you need to work as fast as possible.  If I were to do this again I would have cleaned the gun out halfway through.  That being said it took a bit to get the gun completely cleaned out when we were done. Persistence prevailed and it will be good to go with the primer next weekend.  Because I have a hard time waiting I did a little "test" sanding on the grill piece that was painted first and dry enough by the time we finished with the rest of the RV.  This Slick Sand is amazing!  It fills in all sort of pinholes, scratches etc...and sands so easily.  In minutes I had the piece smooth as can be with 320 grit.  I think I may go over the whole thing with 320 and then follow up with 400 if it goes as easy as the small piece.  In an earlier post I said we were going to use Sherwin Williams paint but we went with Eastwood instead.  They were super "do-it-yourself" friendly and the tech support was great! 

65 degrees, no bugs and only a small wind issue.

All suited up in the appropriate safety gear. The camera battery died so I will update with pics of her primed next week.

Monday, October 7, 2013

In the Barn

Dave drove Rosie to Little Compton, RI and said it was smooth sailing all the way!  He cruised down the highway at 65 - 70 mph with no problems.  I took a car load of kids with me in the Tahoe filled to the roof with sleepover gear and tools.  The kiddos played on the farm while Dave pulled off whatever he could and I sanded the old latex house paint.  Luckily, the PO only managed to paint about 1/3 of the beast so it wasn't that bad.  Unfortunately, Sunday started out rainy so we pulled her into the barn and closed up shop for the weekend.  I am  hoping the weather cooperates and I can get over there to sand on Wednesday.  I would love to get some primer on over the holiday weekend.  A trip to the paint store is also scheduled for mid week.  We will be traveling a few miles to the Sherwin Williams Automotive Paint supply store.  We chose SW paint because we have no idea what to buy and need advice from the guys at the store plus it is the only automotive paint supply store I could find in the area.  Farmer Fred needs a special shout out for letting us put this "beast" as he calls it in the 200 year old barn.  Thanks Fred!
After a long hard days work...Dave and I relaxing on the swings.  The "beast" is looming behind us lol.

She looks like she'll fit....

Like a glove...not much room lengthwise.

From the hayloft.

Friday, October 4, 2013

More is not always better...

So, I have spent a better part of the week pulling decades ? old silicone off from around the windows.    Removing it was tedious work, there was a lot of it. My fingers are a mess, I did not follow directions and wear gloves, it was too hard to get the stuff smooth with them on.   The black stains should wear off...eventually.  I am trying a marine based non silicone product called 3M 4000 UV fast cure adhesive sealant.  I went the "less is more" route so we'll see if that improves the situation any. I guess I can find out when it's cured. The hubs also tore out some wall board and the ceiling material on one side just to see what's under there.  It looks alright, nothing scarey.  I think he also has gotten a better idea of what wire goes where so he can do some electrical work while it's off also.
-Day 4ish- The caulking has cured, we tested it with the hose and NO (major) LEAKS!  Yay!  I am so excited.  There was only one small drip that was easily fixed in about a minute.  FYI- the product I used is fantastic.  So easy to work with, goes on easy and is smoothed down nice and flat with a finger dipped in water.  I know that on the reviews people suggested that it should have come with a cap so you didn't have to use it all at once.  I stuffed a nail in the hole and wrapped it in tape.  It was good to go the next day.  Check out the pics and video where ummm, like I use that ummm word way to much ummm, like yeah. 
We are also starting to prep for painting.  Dave was stuffed under the dash so he could reach the nuts on the back of the bolts holding on the handles on the front and he got so stuck!  I took a video instead of helping right away and it would have been hilarious except I didn't hit the record button...dummy.  Anyway, I posted the video I took of him extracting himself from the situation.  You've got to keep a sense of humor in a project like this.

Not sure why this uploaded sideways...anyway this is the hubs "acting natural".

globbed on silicone...

What a mess!

What we found.

The windshield is a mess.  It really needs to be replaced, at least the passenger's side and the gaskets.  It is just not in the budget at all at this point.  So I am playing Macgyver and using some rubber hose and the 3M stuff to fill all the gaps from shrinkage.  The stone bruise in the glass should be repairable by a glass company for now.  I have my little carved rubber pieces in place with sealant and tape until it cures.  I will then clean it up and blend it with a razor knife and more sealant.  A little goes a long way with this stuff which helps keep it nice and neat looking.
This is the could practically drive a bus through this gap!