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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Little Primer and Some Paint...

So, Dave and I spent an entire weekend priming and painting this beast.  Probably an overly ambitious job for newbies.  We had almost no idea what we were doing.  I followed all the directions on the paint, gun etc... The weather was pretty nice 65 and sunny with only the occasional gust of wind.  All should have gone well.  In the end after HOURS of back breaking work it is all one color but the finish is rough.  :(  I was really disappointed with the roughness of the finish almost sandpaperish.  By the time we finally finished it was dark and we were freaking tired, absolutely exhausted!  Dave stopped by during the week after work to get a look at her in the daylight and assured me it wasn't as bad as I thought.  It took me a full week to get back over to the farm to check it out.  It looks less rough now and the sheen is almost pearl but not shiny. I have done some more research and believe the paint job suffers from "dry spray".  Apparently the paint  was drying too fast as it was being sprayed.  This is also evident by the amount of paint dust that is completely covering the RV.  The area that we wiped down looks even better without the dust on it.  I think the verdict is I am going to try to wet sand it with a very high grit paper and buff it.  Hoping this will fix it up.  I really don't want to paint anything else except for the stripe in the Spring.  The all white is way too white right now she definitely needs a spot of bright color.  We didn't take many pictures due to the hazmat suits we were wearing and we were working non-stop all weekend.  I did take a video when I visited this Saturday.  The wind was ripping across the field so the sound is terrible.  The gusts were so strong the wind took the big barn doors when Dave was closing them and smashed his wrist.  I can't believe it wasn't broken!