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Monday, March 3, 2014

Long Haul for Some Wheels

 So we are back from our vacation in sunny Florida.  Being that the 19 inch rims are fairly hard to come by we had to drive all the way to Florida to get some.  To be honest we were headed there anyway and it was only a 30 min. drive from our resort so in order to save a bundle on shipping we opted to pull a trailer all the way down I95 south.  I had a sort of "trial by fire" as I took the first driving shift and maneuvered the truck and trailer through Friday 5:00 rush hour traffic on the Cross Bronx expressway and over the George Washington Bridge.  I would say I did pretty good for my first time driving through NY city.  Anyway, halfway through our 2 week vacation we took a day off from the parks and headed into "real" Florida to get our rims.  They spent the rest of the week strapped to the trailer in a dirt lot next to the resort.  Funny how they didn't want a trailer full of old wheels and rotten tires sitting in the resort parking lot. lol.  We made it home along with all 5 wheels in just about 23 hours.  Orlando to Cape Cod is a looooooonnnnnggg haul and somehow we made it a personal best time.  Now to search for tires....