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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mostly Gutted

#1 Door lock

Some Pictures of the Demolition

Notice the nicely sanded only took THREE days.  So much nasty brown paint and shiny shellac. It's all gone now though.  I am going to finish it with a light blonde stain and satin finish.

These walls were originally staying but I found some water damage under the window and upon further inspection found lots of smelly mouse nests.  Walls were definitely coming down after finding that.

We took down the cabinets and found another dead bird.  It didn't smell until I picked it up, the stench of death was so horrible.  There was nothing dead in the bottom cabinets, so that was a plus. 

The bird was in that section to the right where the wires ran through.  I can't really figure out how a robin managed to get up in there, must have been through the 2 inch space behind the counter top.