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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie....Apparently He Will Build a Giant Nest in My Travco!

This is more disgusting than the dead birds, both of them put together.  After finding some small mouse nests in the passenger side walls and ceiling we figured what the hell, take it all down.  It's a good thing we decided to because behind the other wall was the biggest mouse nest I have ever seen.  I ripped the wall out and started to pull it away, it was stuck on real good with liquid nails or something because it did not want to come down.  After only a few busted up knuckles I got it off in only two pieces.   I'm no baby but this made me gag, real bad.  I can handle all kinds of stuff but this put me over the edge.  It was all good until I started knocking the mess down with a broom, that really stirred up the stink.  I'm taking a little break right now to catch my breath.  Oh and by the way I was wearing a face mask, one rated to filter chemicals.  Yeah, it was that bad, but it could have been worse, at least I haven't found any dead mice.....yet.

That is so much mouse.